Electric propulsion is a definite part of the future of automobiles. Only the source of production of the electricity is still left to debate and evolution. Some cities have already banned, or do charge, their access to more polluting vehicles and it will only get worse with time. Car manufacturers are offering more and more Hybrid (HEV) and fully Electric (EV) vehicles. Some of them give a decent answer to the customers’ expectations. Most fall short, in terms of range, operating modes, performance or driveability. Even more important to us, only a few really focus on driving pleasure. Emobe believe they can provide solutions to most shortcomings of past, current and future (H)EV, improving the owner’s experience, including when the vehicle is connected to its charging station. The ultimate automobile experience offered by Emobe is the upgrade of classics or youngtimers with up-to-date technology in the fields of safety (ABS, Air Bags, …), infotainment (touchscreen Sat Nav, smartphone screen mirroring, …), lighting (LEDs all-round), handling (suspension upgrades), comfort and luxury (leather, aircon, …) and electric powertrain. So you can drive your unique Emobe dream car every day as it were the latest offer of a luxury car manufacturer.

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