Imagine! You drive your E-mastered Aston Martin DB7e to your company offices in the city centre. It features the latest on-board technology (modern touch-screen Sat Nav capable of displaying the screen from your smartphone) and is fully fitted with front and rear LED lighting. Of course, no exclusion zone or pollution charges for your car as it is 100% electric and homologated and registered as such.

At the office, you let your car charge fully, as your wife does with her own car, a modern Hybrid SUV modified by Emobe to be able to drive in full EV move at all speeds, and with an extra battery pack doubling its autonomy.

At the end of the day, you drive both back home, and connect your car to your house electrical system though Emobe supplied Vehicle-To-Home (V2H) devices. Your DB7 will charge up again, to get ready for its next exciting drive, but it will do it later, when electricity from the grid is cheaper. On the other hand, part of the battery charge of your wife’s car is fed back in to your house at a time when you will consume a lot of electricity (cooking, lighting, TV, dishwasher…) at a higher tariff.

Later that night, it will recharge again, either fully (default mode) at a lower tariff, or according to the trip your wife has already programmed in the SUV’s Sat Nav. A last minute change of plan is always possible from your smartphone using a dedicated application.

If the grid fails, no problem, the batteries from both cars become your electric back-up system that allows you to carry on enjoying a warm dinner and the comfort features of your home while your neighbours eat cold soup in the dark.

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