Fun at the charging station…

Always fun to park our Emastered 1977 Mercedes SLCE at a charging station…

Between the many oohs and aahs, there is always someone that comes up to me and tells me that these are parking places for electric cars and not for my old car. Well…


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Homologation baby!

This 1977 Mercedes SLC legally is a full electric car. It means, that besides missing an exhaust, that you can drive into Low Emission Zones without restriction, and is tax deductible.

An Emastered SLCE is fitted with a 230kW and 500Nm electric motor, and has a real world range of 250km, giving huge driving pleasure without any emissions.

« Emastering » by Emobe : applicable to any exciting car you wish, to your own taste and specifications.

Contact us for more information, a testdrive or to order one…

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Emastered Classic Cars – Safety

When you choose an EMASTERED conversion, you also chose safety.

To often, electric conversions are not very safe (no service disconnect, only one battery contactor, poor EMC shielding, etc).

Emobe designs the EMASTERED cars according to the highest safety standards (same as an EV from one of the big manufacturers):

  • Redundant battery contactors
  • HV fuse
  • Double service disconnect
  • Crash sensor
  • Emergency disconnect in the cockpit
  • Fully EMC shielded cables and driveline
  • BMS monitoring every battery cell

An important safety feature for any vehicle on the road, and especially for an EV, is the availability of a Rescue Sheet. Here’s on for a Mercedes SLCE.

Besides all the design safety features, the EMASTERED cars by EMOBE, are UN ECE Regulation 100 tested and homologated and can be registered as a normal emission free, electric car.

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E-mastered 1977 Mercedes 450-SLCE by Emobe

E-mastered 1977 Mercedes 450-SLCE by Emobe

100% Electric classic car


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Want to see some astonished faces?

Drive a classic car into a parking garage, stop on a parkingspot for electric cars and connect the charging cable…

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Mercedes SLCE @ Zolder

Our Mercedes SLCE made a trip to the Terlamen Racetrack in Zolder today to drive a few laps during a track session for full-electric cars. Needless to say that the car turned a lot of heads and attracked quite some spectators. And of course we set the lap record for the fastest e-converted car. In the afternoon the 24h for Solarcars set off with a true Le Mans start!

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Mercedes SLCE testing

Testing, testing, testing…
We’re driving the Mercedes SLCE E-mastered electric conversion by EMOBE and tweaking the performance. She’s nearly finished and proves to be a realy great drive!

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1977 Mercedes 450 SLC

We got a 1977 Mercedes 450 SLC for a client. Emobe will E-master the car.

Our client wants a classic car, with an high performance E-drive train, tech upgrades, bespoke interior and not to forget fast acceleration! It will be his daily driver.





The EMRAX 268 E-motor delivers more Torque than the original ICE, but at a fraction of the size and weight!

Out with the old!







When we are done withe the car it will be an E-mastered 450SLCE. And we think that it will be blistering fast…

More info: E-Mastered by Emobe

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